5 Reasons To Host An Event Outside (in our Cabana)!


By Mina Farman-

We love springtime and so does everyone else!  The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and let’s face it drinking a cocktail outside gives you the sense of being on vacation.  Lucky for us, we have a magnificent Cabana that fits up 200 people.  It’s absolutely perfect for networking events, cocktail receptions, happy hours, themed birthday parties, you name it!  Here are our top 5 reasons to host an event outside this Spring (in our Cabana)! (Don’t worry about the rain either, as we can always move the party indoors)

Corporate Event

1. Sunlight Increases Serotonin– Let’s face it most of us are stuck in an office everyday and we probably don’t get the amount of sun we should be getting.  Sunlight has been proven to elevate your mood, which explains why people tend to be happier in the spring/summer.  Allow your guests/employees to enjoy the late afternoon in the sun!

2. Less Decorating- With all of the flowers, fountains, statues and natural surroundings we already have in our Cabana there is almost no need to decorate.  Especially if you’re going for a tropical theme!

3. Vacation Themed- Mixed/frozen drinks with umbrellas, palm trees, fountains, barbecue, popsicle/ice cream and Hawaiian leis!  Throw a Caribbean themed event that will definitely be remembered.

4. Lighting- This isn’t your typical outdoor space.  We have LED lighting and projections for dramatic effects at night.  We know lighting is everything!

5.Outdoor Events Make Guests More Relaxed- Attending an event outdoors as opposed to indoors can be a little more relaxing.  There’s a good chance more guests will show up especially if they’re excited to mingle in the sun.

Cabana at Night

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