Event Check List


Planning an event can be stressful and time consuming! The key to planning a successful stress free event is to be organized from the first stage of planning all the way to the last. We compiled a general event check list to keep you organized! 

Once  You Set A Date: 

  • Establish a budget
  • Determine time
  • Determine and book location
  • Determine event concept/theme
  • Outline logistics: rentals, furniture, parking, security, catering, guest count, etc
  • Send a Save the Date
  • Pitch sponsors (if applicable)

2 or More Months Out: 

  • Set menu and book all vendors- decorations, musicians, audio visual needs
  • Performer needs: microphone, podium, stage, props
  • Design invitations or announcement
  • Invitation list
  • Ticket sales process or RSVP database
  • Directional signage
  • Draft a run of show
  • Entertainment
  • Severe Weather Plan (if applicable)
  • Finalize Sponsorship (if applicable)
  • Track expenses and update budget

Five Weeks Out:

  • Photographer
  • Mail/Email invitations
  • Track ticket sales/RSVPs

Three Weeks Out: 

  • Schedule briefings with VIPs
  • Call all vendors to confirm
  • Solicit volunteers
  • Walk through every step of the event including a venue walk through
  • Design signage

One Week Out: 

  • Finalize production schedule. Include all telephone numbers.
  • Finalize scripts
  • Create and distribute staff/volunteer assignments
  • Walk through every step of the event with all vendors/participating parties

Three Days Out: 

  • Give caterer final guarantee. Confirm delivery and set up times
  • Finalize registration materials
  • Seating assignments (if applicable)
  • Confirm any final details with the venue and vendors
  • Pick up signage
  • Finalize run of show

Day Before:

  • Prepare event materials in a box: registration materials, office supplies, run of show, guestlist and signage
  • Reconfirm all vendors and arrival times
  • Walk through run of show for a final time with your team

Day of the Event: 

  • Check venue: temperature, cleanliness, venue set up, mic check
  • Confirm arrival of flowers, musicians, decor and photographer
  • Review run of show with day of team

Day After Event: 

  • Review attendance list
  • Send thank-you’s; include photos
  • Final budget review
  • Post event pictures on social media websites